Press Releases

TikTokBoom! is a fast paced puzzle action game for iOS 6.1.

You have one minute before the bomb explodes to solve as many grids as possible. After a match is finished you can see how well you scored compared to the rest of the world!

TikTokBoom! has seven different puzzle types:

Rainbow: The grid contains a rainbow of colors, the goal is to make the whole grid one color.

Whak-a-puck: A random hockey puck appears on the grid, the player must Whak it four times.

Numberwang: The player must count from 1 to 9 as fast as possible.

OtherWordly: The player must spell a 9 letter world, some of which you may have never heard of.

Pairs-the-Suits: The grid is filled with question marks hiding suits of cards. The player must pair the suits whilst avoiding the bomb.

Symbolism: The grid contains 9 symbols, one of which is not like the others. The player must find the odd one out.

Shapes: The center of the grid contains a gray shape. The player must blacken that shape by selecting the right shapes surrounding the center.

TikTokBoom! was created by Maarten Hus a indy game developer from Holland.